UE.co Announces Company Relaunch

UE.co, a tech-enabled marketing services company based in San Diego, has relaunched to better support its mission of building customer management platforms. Their former name, Underground Elephant, will be retired after nine years of service. The new brand reflects the company’s customer-centric focus by highlighting its core product: a CRM software solution built for enterprise scale businesses.

“Our newly defined brand, UE.co, reflects this organization’s commitment to better serve our customers, employees, and the San Diego community,” said Taryn Lomas, Chief Revenue Officer of UE.co. Moving forward, the company’s focus will be on fostering large enterprise partnerships, with companies looking to manage multiple sales offices or franchises.”

“Relaunching as UE.co better defines the company’s mission to advance the adoption of its proprietary customer management platform. We cherished the Underground Elephant name, but it did not align with the meaningful work the company is doing today. Therefore, we decided to adapt a name that reflects the company’s transformation to a software company,’ said Jason Kulpa, Chief Executive Officer of UE.co.

UE.co is a San Diego based, tech-enabled services and software firm. The company built a CRM software solution that allows enterprise companies to better manage their consumer data.

Read the full press release here: https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=21474

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