Joshua Zietz Internship

People of Joshua,’s IT Intern

One of our favorite things about summer? The presence of our college interns! This summer, had an IT intern, Joshua, and a marketing intern, Jessie; both made a substantial impact on the day-to-day operations of the business amidst a wild summer of company growth and relocation to a new headquarters. Our IT Intern, Joshua […]

Qualities of Successful People

Qualities of Successful People

Qualities of Success People- A New Perspective We all know the “fake it until you make it” mentality, especially when it comes to the fast pace of the business world. That feeling of uncertainty through forced confidence affects us daily. Wouldn’t it just be better if we could make it, without feeling the need to […]

digital marketing tools

Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Know

There are lots of words and terms being thrown around these days within digital marketing campaigns that tend to elicit confusion and uncertainty. The industry has created a seemingly new language, including phrases like: “Keyword density”, “Algorithm”, “Backlinks”, “Conversion Rate Optimization”, and more. These resources matter for your business, and they’re a lot easier to […]