Elevate your meetings

3 Ways to Elevate Your Company Meetings

In the business world, the term “meeting” is usually associated with conference rooms, boredom, and someone always saying “that could have been done over email.” The world we live in is ever evolving, and it’s only natural that our processes do too. Here are 3 tips to help you take your meetings to the next level.

Mix it up  

In a simple definition, meetings are held to help facilitate information between a group of people. Yes, there will always be critical members that need to attend, but I encourage from time-to-time adding a diverse group to share their opinions and ideas. Don’t be afraid to invite Larry from Accounting or unplug one of your devs for 15 minutes. You would be surprised at what a fresh pair of eyes can do. 

Find your focus

When a big decision needs to be made, it’s important to set the tone of focus early and create visible reminders to avoid backtracking. Whether it’s pen and paper, whiteboards, or spray paint, get together with your group and write down your topic/s. These visual elements will help you keep your meetings on the right course and can even spur creativity, plus, doodles are fantastic.


Meetings can be draining, especially those held in the later hours of the day. Not everything can be presented in a fun and energizing way, sometimes you just have to trudge through, but nobody said anything about how you end. Try to structure in a quirky contest, something quick and easy that can get a few laughs and spark up some energy as people head back to work. Take the creative route and come up with a challenge of your own, or use something tried and true like Rock, Paper, Scissors to start friendly office rivalries.

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