Holiday Season in the Office

3 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in the Office

Grab your figgy pudding, the Holiday Season is among us. In the workplace, employees expect to see signs of the season strung into events, decorations, and even the music blasting through the speakers. With all the possibilities, it’s easy to get caught up in the hecticness that comes with gifts and general Christmas cheer.

Here are three ways has been celebrating the season that can be implemented in your own company:

Give Back.

The Holiday Season is one of the busiest times of year for your employees. With all the hustle and bustle, many don’t have a chance to give back the way they want to during this time of year. Offering them an opportunity to volunteer or donate is a more rewarding option than yet another cookie decorating party. Look to your community for chances both the company and employees to give their time and resources. Not only will this promote partnerships with organizations within your community, but also provide employees the chance to give back together, thus strengthening interdepartmental relationships as an added bonus.

Implement Gamification.

For most companies outside of the retail industry, Q4 is the slowest quarter of the year. Instead of waiting out a lull in business, use this time to make tasks fun and engaging for your employees. has found gamification to be an effective strategy for celebrating employees’ successes and for adding a fun twist to day-to-day tasks. Our latest gamification strategy involved a holiday bingo game. Different tasks on a custom bingo board were created for each department. Once someone completed 5 of these functions in a row, he or she was awarded a pick from the holiday swag bag full of gift cards, peppermint bark, etc.

Plan a Unique Holiday Party Theme.

This Holiday Season, instead of a typical office holiday party, the culture team decided to throw a hipster holiday party to create more participation and camaraderie. The theme was in everything from transportation, old town trolleys, to the attire, everyone in flannels and wire-framed glasses. The team had a great time with this unique theme was a hit with not only with the employees, but also people in the community who saw us out and about. Thinking of a fun theme for your holiday parties like Reindeer or Santa Con can ensure plenty of memories and photos to last until next year.

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