New Year new you

3 Ways to hit the Ground Running in the New Year

The new year will be here before we know it. Instead of treating January 2nd as any typical work day, use 2018 as a time to refresh and refocus your career… #NewYearNewYou.

Have these strategies in place to help hit the ground running:

Refresh Your Calendar

2018 will feel like a drawn out 2017 without implementing some changes to your daily schedule. To avoid burnout, start with cleaning up your calendar. Remove all recurring events that are either not actually happening anymore, or are irrelevant. For events like weekly meetings, try scheduling at a different time or location for a spark of creativity and to prevent complacency. Next, add time once a week for a walking brainstorm meeting, department-wide ping-pong break, or any set time for a trip to your favorite spot in the neighborhood. 

Strategize Quarterly Goals

We’ve all tried a New Year Resolution, and perhaps you’re one of the few to actually stick one out. However, for the rest of us, they might as well be January goals because that’s about how long we can stick to it. Instead, plan short-term, quarterly goals that build off of each other. For example, Q1’s goal can be “improve communication skills,” Q2’s goal can be “connect with more people in the community,” etc.… These shorter-term goals are much more likely to be upheld, and you will feel more motivated to take on the next goal once accomplishing the first.

Find Events that will Fulfill your Goals

In order achieve your quarterly goals, there must be actionable steps in place ready to go when the time comes. Take a few hours over the break to research events that will aid in fulfilling your goal. For example, if your goal is to get more involved in the community, reach out to local organizations now to see how you can help in the coming months. Often times paperwork, background checks, etc. can take time; start planning now to ensure a successful launch.

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