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Using Analytics to Understand Your Customers

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to solve their problems. Analytics have been the backbone of our company since 2008, so you can say we’re big fans. Most people immediately think of Google Analytics when they hear the word “analytics”, but there is a whole suite of tools one can use to collect analytics and learn more about your customers.

Nowadays, there’s a whole lot more to learn about your customers than just age, gender and location. Below are three key analytics that businesses should be practicing.

Analytics Are the Basis of Any Good Goals

Every company should have goals, and analytics help you create those goals.

Whether your goal is to increase page clicks, convert more visitors to customers or increase the length of time visitors spend on your website, analytics can help you create accurate, achievable goals. Analytics help you measure what works and what does. After all, you have to know where you’ve been to know where you need to go.

Behavior Flow Reporting

For many customers, your website may be the first interaction they have with your company. Understanding how your customers move through your website (aka behavior flow reporting) can help you identify any problems with your online presence.

Behavior flow reporting helps you identify any pain points with your online presence. If customers are consistently only spending a few moments on a particular page, perhaps the content needs an overhaul. Conversely, clients spending a lot of time on a particular page could mean that that content is really resonating with your audience.

Learn What People Are Searching For Your Website

It’s important to know what keywords bring your customers to the website, but it’s also important to know what your customers are searching for when they actually get to your website.

Searches within the website can indicate what services your customers find most valuable. These searches should be incorporated into SEO and included in blogs, photo captions and advertising campaigns. Searches could also indicate that you should make certain information more prominent or in an easier to find location.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for using analytics. We encourage all businesses, big or small, to take advantage of the high impact, low-cost analytics tools available to them. These numbers could make a big difference!

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