Anatomy of a Great Developer

The Anatomy of a Great Developer

Talented developers are everywhere, so what characteristics distinguish a great developer from the rest of the crowd? I sat down with five members of the tech team to identify a few of these key traits. Here are their answers:

Curiosity: “I think curiosity is one of the best traits of a great developer. Constantly questioning the limits of technology, questioning outcomes, and enjoying the process of trial and error is a major plus for developers.” – Danny, Front End Developer

A Desire to Learn: “With new technology developing every day, as a developer, staying complacent in your knowledge is not an option. The languages and platforms developers are working with today are not the tools that will be used at this time next year. This is especially important for the safety of software and sites, staying updated on the latest issues and security breaches” – Joey, VP Web Development

Humility: “There’s not much room for bragging in the developing world. By the time you finished a great new code, someone else has already made it better. The key is to stay humble and know that your big idea is just one page of a much longer book.” -Daniel, VP Software Development

A Go-Getter Mentality: “The most successful developers are the ones that take action even without being prompted to do so. I admire developers who take the initiative of surrounding themselves with smart people. To many, working in a room full of people with more experience and knowledge than they have is intimidating and uncomfortable. However, the few that actively seek out this situation know that the vast knowledge gained from working with and asking questions to veterans of their field is the perfect chance to elevate their own career.” – Keola, CTO

Detail Oriented: “I prefer to work with Devs who complete all the details of even the simplest job. If I ask a Dev to own a task, it is my hope that not only will they complete the work, but also that follow through on testing before the code is live, and once it’s live monitoring it to ensure each detail is working correctly before moving onto the next task.” -Arpi, Project Manager

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