Equal Parts UE.co's Company Culture

Equal Parts Spotlights UE.co’s Company Culture

In 2017, UE.co partnered with HR Specialists at Equal Parts to assist the UE team in establishing core values that embodied the company’s culture. After months of interviews, focus groups, coaching, and brainstorming, the UE.co leadership team decided the following core values best represents what UE believes in: chasing perfection, continuous improvement, and people incubation.

Since establishing these core values the center of decision making and new opportunities at UE.co, the team has introduced benefits like an internal leadership development program, a $1500 a year stipend to use toward a class, conference, workshop or any other educational resource for development, and partnered with local nonprofits like Special Olympics San Diego and Women Who Code San Diego to prioritize giving back to the community.

We appreciate and acknowledge the team at Equal Parts for their continuous coaching and partnership as we strive for perfection and grow both as a company and individuals along the way.

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Equal Parts Founder, Michael Valenzano, that highlights UE.co’s company culture, and the strides we have taken as a company the past two years:

“In the past, company culture has taken the back burner when it comes to priority within the company. Many executives believed company culture to be an internal issue that has little to no impact on the bottom line.

While company culture most directly impacts the wellbeing of your employees, it also heavily affects the company’s finances. A strong, supportive culture breeds resilient, creative, and engaged employees who will impress customers and attract new business.

A poor company culture, at best, will produce mediocre employees with lackluster attitudes. Unenthusiastic employees will drive customers away, lower productivity, and decrease your profit margin.

UE.co is one company that takes company culture seriously. Applying impactful culture alignment at every stage of an employee’s career at the company, UE.co ensures their stellar culture is implemented from onboarding and continuing through long-term development.

Equal Parts partner, Michael Valenzano, sat down with the CEO, Jason Kulpa, to learn how the company promotes its core values and strong culture to select and mentor the right people for their company.

It Begins Before The Beginning

UE.co is a San Diego based tech-enabled marketing services company that builds CRM software solutions to improve how enterprise companies manage their customer data. They are in an ultra-competitive industry and must constantly reexamine and reinvent how they do business to stay relevant.

During their hiring process, UE.co looks for employees with strong qualifications who are also aligned with their company culture. Specifically, they are interested in candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset and a visible drive to be the best.

UE.co continuously develops its employees using three core values that focus both on the wellbeing of employees and on driving the operations of their business. The values are:

  • People incubation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Chasing perfection”


Read the full article here.

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  1. The core values that your company has chosen (chasing perfection, continuous improvement, and people incubation) are very commendable. UE.co is a great company that I am glad to have learned about. Company culture is the backbone of any company in a thriving industry. UE.co will be around for years to come!

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