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How To Hire The Best Candidate For Your Company

Trying to hire the right people for your company is perhaps the most nail-biting piece of a business leader’s role, and rightfully so. Hiring the wrong person can lead to a financial nightmare, unhappy customers, ruffled personnel, etc.… So how can we eliminate the possibility of this trauma as much as we know how? At UE.co we have a few practices that are implemented to ensure we find someone who will fit our team dynamic.

Incorporate Your Company’s Core Values

Before candidates can submit an application to us, he/she is required to read through our list of core values and tell us what their favorite value is and why. From this question, my team and I can decipher who cared enough to read through and understand these values, and also who seems to really grasp them. Because the core values embody our company culture, it makes sense to have this question so early in the process, filtering out candidates who would not fit our team atmosphere.

Broaden The Interview Panel

One thing that I have learned from conducting interviews is that it is difficult to get a full grasp of an interviewee’s skills/personality when you’re the only one tasked with doing so. Whenever I have multiple interviewers in the room with me, we have always found each person has a different insight to bring to the debrief after the interview process. As this New York Times article puts it, “Even if you think you are the best judge of character, always take the time to get more opinions because we all have blind spots.” Having a larger interview team ensures there are no good or bad qualities that are overlooked.

Emerse The Candidate 

At UE.co, our day-to-day looks much different from that of a typical 9-5. Our team is exceptionally collaborative and open with one another, and we often step outside our departments to help when needed. Having candidates shadow one of our team members is beneficial in two prominent ways. The first is that the candidate can decide if they would adapt to our environment well. The second benefit is that the team can give their feedback as well, further broadening the interview panel.

Ask The Right Questions

One question I always ask candidates before I hire is, “What do you want from this position?” If the employee says he/she is looking to grow their skills/contribute to a team atmosphere, that usually means they are ready to be an engaged employee, not just to take a paycheck and leave.

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