Celebrating 11 Years – An Interview With UE.co’s CTO, Keola Malone

Our CTO, Keola Malone, cofounded UE.co 11 years ago. Since then he’s continuously implemented new ideas including our advertising platforms, researching the market’s latest trends, and checking in with his team to ensure they are engaged and challenged. Keola is proud to lead the talented team he’s assembled, who have contributed to the company’s successful technology platforms and services. Cheers Keola, to many more successful years at UE.co!

To celebrate our fearless leader, we sat him down to ask a few questions about his career thus far:


What idea or product has been most impactful on the growth of UE?

“Over the last 11 years, UE has faced many challenges but they were met with a variety of innovations, each impactful in their own way.  Recently, we launched Comanche, our advertising click management platform for large-scale marketers and publishers, which I feel is the accumulation of insights and innovation that the UE team has compiled along the way.


Tell us a bit about your day-to-day life as CTO.

“Being an executive leader can be challenging; as one can expect, I often find myself pulled in several directions at once.  I learned that balance is a key component in embracing the struggle of managing competing timelines, interests and priorities.  Strategic time management and a proactive approach are crucially important to the role.”


Who in the company could beat you in a round of golf?

“In golf, the course always wins.  So, within the company, I think we can expect a tie.”

Describe the engineering team you’ve assembled?

“They say to hire people smarter than you, and I believe we have managed to accomplish that exactly with our team. UE is blessed with a panoply of engineers and project managers who bring their own strengths and processes in complementary ways.”  


What songs are on your workday playlist?

“Whatever my Spotify “Discover Weekly” has queued up for me. This week was Ke$ha.”


Why would a developer want to work at UE.co?

“At UE, we encourage engineers to write their own path with a collaborative environment.  Creativity begins to blossom when there is a balance of structure and autonomy to ensure the business needs are met.  Any technologist would be able to hone their skills and remember why they love to code in an environment where you can learn new languages to advance data modeling and software architecture.”

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