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The key to optimizing any company’s productivity and employee-satisfaction is grounded leadership and management. At, the person charged with that important job is our CTO, Keola Malone, whose experience as a technologist has helped him facilitate a workspace that encourages developers to take on new challenges and run with their ideas.

In progressive work environment like the one we have here at, it is important to know ways of handling the short and long-term challenges facing your growing company, and how as a leader, your style of management shapes the outcome, growth amongst employees, and retention in your department. 

My management style revolves around the relationships I have with everyone on the team. I don’t like to be controlling, and I don’t like to micromanage; this environment for creativity and conversation has contributed to a level of trust and respect we all have for each other. I’ve done a good job of hiring people that are smarter than me in certain areas, and part of that is letting them be smarter than me. Trust and transparency are important to me — I don’t want anyone to feel like they are just a cog in the machine.

One of the things we’ve always preached here is to look for ways to replace yourself. While it might seem counter-intuitive to “work yourself out of a job,” empowering people to take on more responsibility has allowed me to tackle more significant, complex problems, and shape the vision and strategy of the company from a tech standpoint. So, delegating and looking for ways to replace yourself to move up to higher things, is a constructive criticism I have for everyone on my team. It gets people thinking at an elevated level, and it also creates an environment where everyone is looking to teach and learn.

My favorite part of managing this team, however, is celebrating. Joining together as a team, and even an entire company, to recognize the wins of individuals on the team who are making a significant impact. These moments are beyond motivation to continue to meet and exceed goals; they bring the team closer together and drive engagement.


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