Elevate the hiring process

Marketing Strategies to Elevate The Hiring Process

Finding quality candidates that check off everything on your list can be tough to find, especially for startups and young businesses. To stand out amongst big-name employers, use these marketing tips to win over candidates and create a smooth hiring process.

Get Creative With Videos.

Videos, when used correctly, can provide the most valuable and realistic look inside your company. These videos don’t have to be professionally shot, grab your phone and film that fun game at your morning meetings, or a group of employees utilizing the fully stocked kitchen. Videos of employee testimonials are also a useful tool. Gather a diverse crew and have them define their job function and what they like best about the company; these videos will speak louder than empty words on a page, literally.

Liven Up Your Career Page.

“Apply Now” just won’t cut it anymore. Your careers should bare minimum define the best perks your employees benefit from every day. The career page should also describe your company’s personality and your ideal candidate. At UE.co, we have included our core values on our page before a candidate can apply for a position. This helps in the hiring process by weeding out any candidates that don’t align with our values.  

Optimize Ads for Mobile Viewers.

Due to the advances in smartphones, the majority of web traffic is officially mobile versus desktop. Therefore, you should assure each of your advertisements, videos, career pages, etc., are optimized for mobile use. Adapting to mobile advertising requires creative and messaging that is scaled down to smaller screens, slower download speeds, younger audiences, and shorter attention spans of viewers on the go. Mobile content should be short and sweet, so users will be able to consume it quicker and engage at a higher rate. For example, short headlines like “Join Our Team!,” or “Looking For Talented Developers!” Ad units should also try to leverage those videos you created and should like to your career page.

Bonus Tip: The most important marketing tip for the hiring process, make sure your career page (and entire website…) is optimized for mobile use. 

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