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Monday Motivation: Controlling the Controllables


At, we start off every week with some “Monday Motivation” to get the day started on the right track. This week was centered around bringing awareness to those things that we cannot control in our lives, in order to highlight those that we can control. 

Focusing on the things that we can control, instead of those that we cannot control will bring positivity, happiness, and reward to our everyday lives. Three of the best “controllable” areas to begin your focus include: Attitude, Energy, and Effort. 

Creating a positive attitude feeds into the way our mind and body puts out energy into the world, which affects the effort we see in our daily tasks.

These three pillars are highly important to the way our days play out, and the coinciding days of those around us.  

Here’s what they each mean for our routine:



Humans typically reflect feelings through actions, which portray positive or negative opinions. These actions translate into attitudes that are understood and seen by others, influencing the surrounding environment. When we consciously choose to have a positive attitude towards ourselves, others, and our work, the environment around is also affected positively, creating a domino effect that is within our power to create.



The feeling of good or bad energy can be strong enough to fill an entire room. When we choose to put forth energy in the form of reassurance, congratulations, or confidence, there is a positive impact felt by the surrounding environment. On the other hand, when discouraging, disappointing, and defeating actions are put forth, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude and extend our best effort. In the workplace, controlling our energy can make the difference between a deflating work day and an accomplished one.


Effort –

Our personal effort is one of the most important controllables in life. Working towards goals, feeling accomplished, and giving praise comes from the hard work we exhibit in our daily lives, stemming from our level of effort. It is within your power to control the level of attempt and exertion that goes into daily activities, and the results will reflect that effort wholeheartedly.


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