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SEO: 3 Tips for Optimizing Your Company Website

You just spent weeks designing and coding your company’s website, but it’s not gaining the traffic you hoped for. The problem is likely not the product or service, but the lack of visibility; your site is lacking in SEO. SEO is a marketing practice that is all about growing visibility on search engines. There are certain elements of SEO that can be added to your website and marketing schedule to boost visibility and provide the clicks results you were hoping for.

Here are three SEO tips to implement into your website:

Active Posting: To keep search engine sites like Google continuously crawling your site, it is crucial to continually produce new content. How often, you ask? One unique post a week is all that is necessary for a well-established site. However, a newly created website or one that is looking for more traffic can post as much as once a day. Blog posts, press releases, videos, photos, all are examples of content that can boost clicks.

Keyword Research: Keywords are words or phrases that your target audience is searching for. In order for your site to gain clicks, views, etc, it should have one – two main keywords, and five –  ten secondary keywords that fit yours with your company’s industry, product, location, etc. Find trending keywords that are generating the highest amount of traffic by using tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Sprinkle these words into your website’s title, the content you are continuously producing, hashtags, meta descriptions, etc.

Avoid Duplicate Content: Perhaps the worst thing for your website is taking an article, page content, blog posts, etc. and regurgitating it across all your domains and/or social media platforms. When you have a post that you wish to distribute across all sites, avoid the temptation to copy and paste the content. Instead, take the time to add unique content: a new intro, background information, or a section of the article that is tailored to the medium you are posting it on.

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