UE.co CEO Jason Kulpa Free Parking

UE.co CEO, Jason Kulpa, Announces Free Parking For Employees

As UE.co enters their tenth year of business, CEO Jason Kulpa announced to the team that the company will be providing free parking to employees!

“I am so proud of this company and the growth we have experienced over the years,” says Jason Kulpa. “The employees are the heartbeat of UE.co; I am excited to continually provide perks like free parking as a way of showing just how valuable they are.”

The free parking benefit is one of many that align with one of UE.co’s core values, “Continuous Improvement.” By providing perks like free parking, breakfast, 401k matching, and unlimited paid time off, The UE.co Leadership Team aims to keep improving the lives of their employees both in and outside the workplace.

Watch the free parking announcement here:


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