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UE.co Diaries: My First Month As a Member of The Team

First impressions are a funny thing; you only get one.

From the moment I walked into UE.co for my first interview, I knew I wanted to be apart of this team. It was my first experience with the energy of this office, but I could feel the excitement of everyone working while sitting in the Restoration Hardware Pilot’s chair in the entrance. The HQ itself looks like an office one can only find in magazines, or deep in Silicon Valley, but never in San Diego. Well, my friends, such a place does exist.

After my interview, I remember getting the call from Alicia offering me a position. My enthusiasm couldn’t be contained, and I instantly accepted the offer!! My start date was scheduled to be right after New Years, and I immediately knew that 2018 was going to be my year.

My first day started off by being introduced with my fellow newbies to the company, and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. To be completely honest, I had some doubts about my ability to fit in with people that already worked so well together, it almost felt like being asked to eat at the cool kids’ table. However, after my first day, I found myself with 55 new friends. All of my doubts dissipated, and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone where I work. My team immediately worked to get me up to speed, no question was too stupid.

As I’ve started into my role, learning new products, understanding our platform, making new friends, struggling through trivia night, winning at rock/paper/scissors, pushing myself harder each day to hit new goals, etc. I find myself with a new sense of pride in my work. Even now, two months later, I am excited to come in every morning.

Recently, I was asked to take over the program for new accounts and onboarding. It’s nice to work at a place that recognizes your strengths, helps you with your weaknesses, and wants to see you succeed. People incubation isn’t something that’s just posted on our website for the sake of having a set of core values, it’s something that can be seen throughout the UE.co team each and every single day.

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