UE.co Employee Diaries Onboarding Experience

The UE.co Diaries: My Onboarding Experience

My UE journey began when I heard through the grapevine that there was a cool tech company with an unbelievable office space and killer company culture. When I heard they were hiring, I applied immediately thus beginning my onboarding experience.

My interview experience at UE.co was unlike any other I’ve had before; I met with three different managers who asked me questions about my personality and described the company culture and values. I was immediately impressed that the company takes the time to ensure their employees align with their values. Next, they explained the account manager position role and the skills successful managers have had in the past in order to help me decide if the role would be a right fit. Finally, I was given the opportunity to shadow a current account manager and meet a few of the other team members. Finally, after a discussion about the position again with Taryn Lomas, COO of UE.co, I was hired onto the team!

My journey here has been a grind! I have learned valuable communication skills, met some of my now best friends, and grown to roll with the punches. UE.co embraces change and discards complacency. One thing I can say is it feels good to be a part of somewhere that is constantly evolving because it demonstrates that the wheels are always turning…..and the company is not satisfied being in a “stagnant” state. We are go-getters who hustle hard every day to achieve our collective goals, but at the end of each day, we also know how to celebrate each other’s wins. The UE.co team is a team of people who motivate each other when we are at our highest highs and lowest lows and know that asking for help is not only allowed but encouraged.
We use each other as information outlets and share ideas with even our C-suites constantly. Not only have I grown as a professional since my onboarding experience at UE.co began, but I have grown as a person.

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