Joshua Zietz Internship

People of Joshua,’s IT Intern

One of our favorite things about summer? The presence of our college interns! This summer, had an IT intern, Joshua, and a marketing intern, Jessie; both made a substantial impact on the day-to-day operations of the business amidst a wild summer of company growth and relocation to a new headquarters.

Our IT Intern, Joshua “Bear,” took the time to recap his second summer internship with the team, and look forward to his upcoming senior year. 


What was the most exciting thing you learned this summer?

“ utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), and I had the opportunity to work closely with the IT team to learn about AWS Lambda functions. Configuring these functions was both challenging and rewarding. The project gave me an opportunity to dive into a functional and scaled model, something I wouldn’t get by just sitting in a classroom.

Another key task was the set-up of’s new office. From an IT perspective, there are countless tasks that need to be completed before the rest of the team shows up. To ensure no lapses in business operations, I assembled and tested new technology including monitors, phones, and network connectivity.”


What surprised you during your internship?

“This past year, I have honed in my understanding and depth of Python. Using this knowledge I interacted with various Python API’s to pull and parse data at a level I would not have been able to execute at this time last year. I am excited to continue learning languages like C++ and PHP in the next year.”


What do you love most about UE?

“I love UE’s culture of creativity, especially with regard to problem-solving. When I was given a project, I wasn’t told to follow a specific process to get the result, instead, I used problem-solving techniques to identify the most efficient procedure on my own. This allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of each project.”


How will you apply what you’ve learned to your senior year?

“I am looking forward to a series of Operating Systems Courses which will discuss virtual machines, storage architecture, and data centers, all of which I have already been introduced to through my time at UE.”

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