How Integrates Dogs Into Its Company Culture

From an itsy-bitsy Teacup Chiwawa to a human-sized Great Dane, we American’s can’t get enough of our favorite companions. Not only are dogs great company, but they are also proven stress reducers. Being in the presence of a dog lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and increases happiness. It’s no wonder registered emotional support dogs are becoming more and more common.


At, we know how important dogs are to our employees; over half of our employees currently own or have owned a dog of their own. Every Tuesday and Thursday, employees are invited to bring their canine friends into the office (provided they are on their best behavior). Our office building has an open layout, perfect for a game of fetch amongst our five, indoor olive trees. We are also located right across the street from Petco Park, which offers grass for dogs and owners to play together.


In an office survey, 82% of employees felt happier overall when dogs are in the office, and UE dog owning employees say bring your dog to work days are their favorite days of the work week. Not only do the dogs emotionally benefit employees, but they also spark a more productive and creative work day. Having short walking breaks can improve productivity and refresh the mind. Dog walks also provide a mobile hub for collaboration amongst employees. I personally love dog days at UE not only because adorable dogs are walking around the office, but I have a conversation starter with coworkers I don’t regularly have a chance to chat with.


UE also recognizes that owning dogs can not only lead to mental health benefits but physical ones as well. Dog owners have lower rates of obesity and are more physically active due to daily walks, runs, hikes, beach trips etc… This celebration of a healthy lifestyle is one of many reasons why bring-your-dog-to-work days are an essential part of our culture at

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