Workplace Mantras

Workplace Mantras I Live By

My father has forever been a role model for me, not only professionally, but personally as well. With each major step that I took in my life, my father would provide me a few single points that he believed would help me succeed if executed. He encouraged me to memorize these things and try my best to act on them.

Later in life, upon entering the professional workplace at, I added more characteristics to the list as I learned from my mentors here. These work characteristics are mantras that I now try my best to live by at on a daily basis. As a manager, I look to instill these practices in my teams as well. Below is my ever-growing list of mantras:

Workplace Mantras – To help drive success

1) Always be on time – arriving early is to be on time, arriving on time is late, and arriving late is unacceptable

2) Be the first to arrive at work and the last to leave

3) Be organized – use checklists and calendar to keep track of tasks and appointments

4) Do what you say you will

5) Under promise and over perform

6) Do more than expected

7) Don’t make excuses – take responsibility

8) Don’t rush your work – do it right and do it well

9) Have good posture when sitting, standing and walking

10) Always control your emotions – never lose your temper

11) Have a sense of humor

12) When identifying a problem always offer solutions

13) Always be professional

14) Give credit to others

15) Trust The Process

Focuses on these concise, yet powerful characteristics have genuinely helped me succeed in my career at, and have helped me develop my team members as well. I encourage readers to take a moment to write these down and try to relate them back your personal and professional growth opportunity and continuously refer to them as you take on more responsibility.

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